Saturday, March 26, 2011

Take #2

I've totally forgotten about this thing!
Well lets start off with a how-to, shall we?
This one started off a couple of days before St. Patricks Day. I was bored and so far doing nothing on my day off; I've come to feel more useless when I do nothing on my days off so I always have a project lined up usually food related. This time, I decided to try to smoke something. Not having smoked anything animal related I researched how to do this. Below I'll show you how to create a makeshift smoker.

Things you need:
Oven safe brownie sheet that you don't mind ruining (its still useful afterwards though)
Bag of woodchips, your choice (I used appplewood, really good for pork
Propane grill

Fill the sheet tray with the wood chips and water. let them soak in there for a good 30 minutes. Drain half the water so much of the chips are exposed, place on grill. Turn the grill on to low heat and make sure your tank is filled, because smoking takes at least 3 hours. Place protein of choice on top rack. I used a 5lb corned brisket so I had it on for about 4 hours til it hit 165F.

For the brisket, I wanted to play it safe in seasoning so I used equal parts of cinnamon, thyme, chili powder, salt, cracked black pepper, deli style mustard, and a little horseradish.

This is the messy part:
Coat the meat with a generous portion of the mustard and the horseradish, 100% coverage
Take the seasoning blend (for me it added up to about 4Tbsp of the blend) and rub it all over the meat.

And you're done, its weight determines the cook time, for pork and beef it should be 165F which is well done but dont worry, it will be fork tender.

Hope you enjoyed this post, better planned and more interesting posts to come!


  1. Awesome post! Concise and informational. I will definitely try this out :).

    Great blog, looking forward to your future posts! Will follow :)

  2. Ill try it maybe, 1+ follower though!

  3. Do you leave the apple wood chips on the pan in the grill and just leave them on the bottom rack with the meat on top or do you just put the meat ontop of the chips? It sounds delicious but i dont know about the mustard.

  4. I would suggest you keep the meat as far away from the heat source as possible, and the chips as close as possible. Mustard is not a requirement at all, but it helped with the flavor of the outside crust

  5. Very nice blog! Definitely following now ;)