Thursday, May 19, 2011

As time dwindles down I have found myself reflecting more and more on how much I have changed in the past six months. I can't help but think how different things would have been had I been ok with staying on as a server. Yes, I would have been pretty decent financially, but is it worth it? I can with total confidence say that yes, it is worth it.

The relationships that I have developed are ones that I will never forget. It's bittersweet that we all have to part ways but we need to in order to expand. I'm confident in the fact that I will never lose touch with the people I have grown so close to recently. I hope they feel the same way and wish everybody equal or better success than I plan on having. I'm moving to Chicago in a few months and I'm anxious to see what sorts of opportunities it has to offer.

I swear this will be the last gushy post until the very last day(possibly) but I will leave you with a nice, fast spring salad, that sounds weird, but I swear its tasty!

Yield: 2 servings, about a 1.5 cups per person

3 cups large dice watermelon
1/2 cup feta cheese
2 tbsp olive oil
pinch of salt to taste
cracked black pepper to taste

since the watermelon is kind of a watered down flavor, use the salt to bring out the sweetness and balance it with the feta, garnish with some mint and you're good to go!


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  2. I.. really did not like the taste of this D: better luck next receipt!