Friday, September 2, 2011

I was exploring this new world they call Chicago last night with my friend, Michael. We were just roaming with no actual destination in mind. We were just talking about what Chicago has in store for us as we were walking up this bike path. We were trying to find a decent view of the lake where we found the perfect spot. On our left was Lake Michigan, on our right; a beach and marina. And straight ahead was the most perfect view of downtown Chicago. Chills ran down both of our spines as we realize what we actually got ourselves into.

Smiles ran across our faces and we started freaking out. There is SO much opportunity here and both of us are beyond excited to see what this city is going to bring us.

And to Chicago, I have 3 words:


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  1. Chi-town. Always wanted to visit there. Seize the day, my friend!